With Erik Deutschman,
shooting "Eye Creature"


With Erik Deutschman,
Halloween 1999

During this time I've worked a variety of jobs to support my film habit. I was a Sound FX's Editor at Kurtz & Friends Animation Studio, a Projectionist for Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, an Audio/Video Technician at The Museum of Television & Radio, where I enjoyed mixing the sound for the Re-Creating Radio Program. I was also a Film Curator for Film Arts Foundation, Beyond Baroque & Filmforum. Currently, I am working as a Broadcast Operator at the Four Media Company, where I satellite television programs all around the world.
In 1991 I was awarded The Robert Pike Whitten Film Scholarship at L.A.C.C. for my film work there. In 1992 I won The Golden Reel Award from the M.P.S.E. for Sound Editing on my film Eye Creature with Gary Friedlander, who composed most all of the music in my films and created many unique SFX's & BG's. In 1995 I was awarded The Annenberg Independent Media Grant for my short films upon the recommendation of Filmforum, and in 1996 I was awarded the James D. Phelan Art Award for Filmmaking from The Film Arts Foundation & The San Francisco Foundation.

Currently, I am developing a Spooky Show for television, and co-writing a feature film entitled Honeycombing with Tosh Berman. In addition to working, getting grants, borrowing money and having yard sales, my Mom helps me finance my films. I enjoy working with the same group of friends who are very creative, but really sick of me now because I always serve them pasta salad & beer.

June 8, 2000